Anime Injector ML APK v1.45 Download Free For Android

Anime Injector ML Mobile legend is a great way to keep your soul happy because every player feels joy by playing with the mobile legend game’s love-based attractive features for Anime Injector ML, which charges the interest of every contestant. Therefore, as a result, thousands of mobile legend players try to make it more charming and beautiful by making an advanced hacking application that can be used to unlock all the premium stuff without paying diamonds and cash.

Similarly, a new type of application has been developed (that is compatible) for MLBB games that accept text files with their own language file names. This app will unlock all the paid items in your game that were not accessible before without money or diamonds.

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Anime Injector ML is the latest release of Kaneki ML Injector, which gives you a tool to hack and unlock all Custom Anime skins and other premium assets of the Mobile legend game without paying any money. You also don’t need to get any cheats from outside because everything will be done using this tool only. Some facilities are also provided such as downloading tokens for free, getting all the paid skins for free. The supported language for this tool is English and Japanese. Also, it is very easy to select them, you have to just select them and then they will be ready for you.

Top Features of Anime Injector ML:

  • Furthermore, you can easily fix and delete all the bugs in the game.
  • Application Menu and complete language are covered in English.
  • You can select your language for your comfort.
  • First, Get the latest skins for your gamer under Tank, Fighter, Assasin, Mage, Marksman, and Support.
  • Good News is that Skins are in the hundreds.
  • You can customize your battle backgrounds, themes, Borders and Intro, etc.
  • Moreover, Analog, Maps, and Drone views, and cameras are also available to find the places of tour enemies.
  • No password, no login, and no subscription.
  • And many more are present to shock you.
  • The developer’s Facebook page, Instagram, and youtube channel are always ready for Guidance.
  • Comfortable with the current version of the mobile legend bang bang.


Anime Injector APK is a nifty tool that allows you to unlock all the mobile legends skins without paying for any of them. Mod Skin is another skin application that can allow you to unlock just about every skin in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Nobody likes manually entering codes over and over. That’s why we recommend these two applications!

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