AZWhatsApp APK 11.00 Free Download (Official)

Download Latest Updated AZWhatsApp APK: The most popular messaging & chatting application, WhatsApp is currently being used by people. Different kinds of groups can be created according to your need. Download and install the application of AZ Whatsapp on your mobile phone so as to get all the latest features with you like sharing files/images, an additional feature which lets it possibly know the whole world’s time and date, etc. It is a very easy-to-use application in the market today which surely provides more exciting features than other messengers do.

Detail AZWhatsApp APK:

AZ Whatsapp APK is a custom version of the popular messaging application called WhatsApp. While it resembles many of the qualities and features in the official app, there are also some added benefits that you can take advantage of by installing AZWhatsapp APK on your Android phone. By reading this post, we aim to inform you about these extras and make sure that you have an enlarged knowledge base after reading through them. Furthermore, if you were looking for ways to download AZ Whatsapp APK then read on so that we might be able to provide those means as well.

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AZWhatsapp apk will surely give you the best WhatsApp experience. This app has all the latest features that are not present on official Whatsapp. The reason is that it limits its own services so to provide an improved and more secure app. But AzWhatsapp removes these restrictions by offering a better and more enjoyable experience of Whatsapp with AZWhatsapp as it has new features like file sharing, video, and photo shares which are led by original WhatsApp programming flaws.


Download the AZ Whatsapp APK to enjoy using multiple accounts easily on one device! You can access all your WhatsApp accounts by downloading various MOD APKs for official WhatsApp like GBWhatsapp, OGWapps, FMWapps, and many others. Many MOD APKs are available on the market but what sets AZWhatsapp apart is that it can do so much more than others.

Download the original app or download a BETA version for testing and you’ll be able to see how much better it is compared to other apps that provide similar services. The features & some great features of this app are outlined below; don’t forget to check out in the APK!


The features that will be listed below will not available in the original WA because the developer of AZWhatsapp added more and different features in it to give you a great and different user experience. So let’s see all the amazing features that this exciting app brings to the table!


Set a password to your AZWhatsapp account so that you can easily deny access to whoever tries. You can choose a lock pattern, PIN, or password, and don’t pick something that’s easy to guess like “123456” or “000000”. Whoever does get hold of your phone won’t be able to read your WhatsApp messages anymore without the unlock code.


If you’re in a chat with someone and would like to be able to reach that particular conversation later on from another device or the web, it’s a much safer idea to protect your chats if you’re not using end-to-end encryption. Password-protecting chats restrict viewing by anyone other than yourself, making it impossible for anyone without the password to view what you’re talking about. It also ensures that your privacy is guaranteed and that no one can access anything without your permission.


The specialty of AZWhatsapp is its all beautiful themes and fonts. All the themes are very nice looking and they will change your whole Whatsapp into a fully customized app. It has more than 3k beautiful themes and more than 30 fonts. These things will completely change your usual WhatsApp into fully customized WhatsApp.


AZWhatsapp is popular for its better privacy. Cause it is giving many privacy protection functions to their users to keep their activities private. So best for your privacy is AZWhatsapp APK. Download now!


Before doing any installation, you must backup your messages and media files manually before installing the Android version of AZWhatsApp. By doing so, you’ll restore all your messages and find them on the Android install of AZW without any issue. Failure to backup will result in losing all your messages and any files sent through the app.

Installing the mod is straightforward, and we have listed down the steps below. Follow these steps, and you won’t encounter issues during the process:

  1. Take the backup files downloaded from the official WhatsApp. You o this by going to Settings then clicking on Chats.
  2. Click on Chat Backup
  3. Uninstall the official WhatsApp from your device 
  4. Before installation, enable “Unknown Sources” when prompted
  5. Install AZWhatsApp APK
  6. Launch the application and permit all authorizations
  7. Close the AZWA application 
  8. Restart the app and click on the “Agree and Continue” button. 
  9. Enter your mobile number and snap-on Copy WhatsApp Date. 
  10. Check your gadget with OTP and restore your chats


AZWhatsApp APK is one of the better WhatsApp mods out there today. With a trove of features, this app may be just what you need to complement your regular official version of WhatsApp. One great feature is the ones it offers in clearing duplicates. You can conveniently get rid of any media files you’ve already sent to other people before and reclaim that space back into your device’s storage capacity.

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