Bloons TB6 APK 27.1 Latest Version Free Download For Android

Bloons TB6 APK 2022 is the top-ranked game in the Strategy category of the All Apps Store. It’s brand new and was just released by Ninja Kiwi, who also developed Bloons TD Battles. Bloons Total Destruction 6 will require Android 5.0 or higher to run properly and should be good for all smartphones and tablets on Android 4.4 or higher as well. It comes preinstalled on the Amazon Fire TV Stick, but can also be downloaded onto other Android devices like phones, Bada phones, Windows Phones, or Apple iPads if they are running 2+ versions behind.

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The new Bloons TD is here! The Bloons are back and this time they mean business! Build awesome towers, choose your favorite upgrades, hire cool new Special Agents, and pop every last invading Bloon in the best version of the most popular tower defense series in history.

What is Bloons TB6 APK?

Bloons td6 can be a fantastic game for all ages. It’s a June 2018 release of a 3D tower defense game. The game, like earlier versions, centers around the usage of monkey towers to pop balloons. Because this version uses three-dimensional objects that can impede the line of sight of monkey towers, good tower placement is even more crucial in this edition than in previous editions.

Even if the age range isn’t indicated, if you want to have a nice time while playing on your cell phone or tablet, you may check out/download bloons td6 and see whether or not there’s a sense of parenthood from watching your children play it! If you love strategy games, with a challenge, and something to keep you entertained, then bloons td6 is essentially the very best recreation app for your needs.

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About Bloons TB6 APK

Are you looking for a new game to play on your computer? Or do you want something to do when you’re on the go and just have a couple of minutes to spare? If so, we’ve got the game for you: Bloons TD6! Several great features have been added since previous versions including upgrades that take place automatically, an improved map editor, tor, and much more.

This game is suitable for people of all ages and a fun way to pass time with your family on the go. This is very kid-friendly and highly enjoyable for anyone who simply wants something to do on their phone. If you ever need a fun strategy-building game, then The Adventures of Tip & Oh is a good option!

I was looking for the latest version of Bloons in the Google Play Store but couldn’t find BTD6 which is the free Apk, instead of downloading it I found some websites offering to download this game with fake links. However, I now know that there are two possible solutions to this problem:

The two methods are the same, the only thing one should take note of is that they both have a chance of becoming outdated or ceasing to work in a few years.

Overview of Bloons TB6 APK:


Bloons td6 APK is a game that takes advantage of both 2D and 3D designs – the result is a 3D game experience. Monkey Towers, which offers top-down views, uses both designs to create some stunning graphics and the elements are very well mixed for players. The game progresses at a rapid pace, so the various design elements are used to separate elements visually to provide more clarity when playing. Different color schemes and camouflage options are used to indicate status performance levels (ie: new/old bloons) when managing incoming balloons.


You will discover two paths to level the monkey tower. More experience is needed to unlock more parts however it does help eventually. The key to mastering this game is a third path that takes you higher if you utilize it correctly. What is crucial when using this third path is your ability to move and master new techniques because there are many elements here that are much more versatile and can ultimately deliver results.


One thing not to do when buying new balloons is forgotten their shapes and the things they’re best at. Some like wrapping around an object, others spiral that light up, and some even have a sparkle of magic. Whatever the case, you’ve got to know what each balloon does if you want to succeed in your project. And it would be nice if we wrote down our balloon info on paper for easy reference. Otherwise, there might be a lot of headaches later…


There are four difficulty levels in the game – easy, medium-hard, and legendary. The first three difficulties correspond to a different set of goals you need to complete as well as different rewards for obtaining them on completion. The fourth difficulty level is almost more like an extension of the difficult modes from previous ones with more complex challenges and bonuses. As an extra challenge, you can try completing a specific level’s objective by flipping the track around its axis for a special reward!

How to play?

This is a very popular game that continues to drive new editions. First and foremost, you need to grasp the core mechanics of gameplay to have any shot at winning. To begin, you have to construct a tower and protect yourself behind it. Then you’ll need to start up your link so that you can wipe out the opposing team. Additionally, players can show off their martial arts skills in this game!

What are the features of Bloons TB6 APK?

The game’s features have been improved compared to its predecessor. Some of the new features added are:

  • Enjoy playing in 21 mighty monkey towers with new towers in this update
  • Keep one of the 9 monkeys with 20 corrections
  • Develop your strategy for the game
  • And New hero towers,
  • And 5-phase improvements
  • Colorful and lively animations with 3D objects in 37 original maps
  • Two skills to destroy potatoes
  • Play games without the internet
  • New ways to speed up your gaming experience
  • Follow the three upgrade paths
  • Purple flowers,
  • Get new skins and voice over
  • New and improved game mode to take it to the next level
  • All new balloons in the MOAB class,
  • Some of our new balloons also have slightly different properties, like the purple variant is resistant to energy weapons, plasma, and fire. Ebony Bloons are a more powerful variety than their orange counterparts.

The names of most of the towers have been changed. While Bomb Shooter is still called Bomb Shooter, Boomerang Monkey has become Boomerang Thrower. Although Future Tower was dropped as a new tower and Diamond/Ruby/Sapphire Towers were merged into one, many towers like Dart Monkey and Ice Wizard remain unchanged.

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How good is it for you?

​The popularity of The Blues TD6 has grown greatly in the past few days, and the best part about this game is how quickly time passes by when you play it and how much fun you’ll have along the way. One of the most exciting aspects of this game is that players will rarely get bored because there are so many different worlds to explore with all sorts of unique features that make each one different from all the rest!

If you are looking for an easy to playet very challenging tower defense strategy game, you should try this game.

What are the Pros or Cons of downloading Bloons TB6 APK?


  • A third-party website offers all versions of the app for download. The majority of versions of theirs allow you to download application packages.
  • You will find the APK file on the memory/storage card of your computer after you download it.


  • There will be no automatic updates for your apps.
  • It is rare for Google to check apps downloaded from a third party.

How would I download Bloons TB6 APK?

  • Step 1: Download it instantly on your device by utilizing the download button given below.
  • Step2: Click on it to download a file.
  • Step 3:Due to the long size of the files, the download may take some time depending on your internet connection or computer speed.
  • Step 4: To install the APK file that you downloaded, simply locate it and tap it. When the installation window appears, give your app all the appropriate permissions, and then wait until the installation process has been completed.
  • Step 5: Once a file is downloaded successfully, you need to install it on your device.
  • Step 6: To open the download folder, you must tap on the “open” button within a few seconds of downloading the APK file.
  • Step 7: After successful installation tap on the open option.
  • Step 8:If you haven’t already, you will want to download and set up Kik. Ensure that media, photos, and files are permitted. Tap Allow.
  • Step 9: The interface of APK will appear on your device. Now use it.


A.  Install MOD APK on your android device

  • Step 1. First, download the MOD APK file from
  • Step 2. Tap on the downloaded MOD file immediately.
  •  Step 3. Select ‘Install’ from the menu.
  • Step 4. Allow yourself a few moments to get used to it.
  • Step 5. Upon successful installation, tap ‘Done’.
  • Step 6. After finishing the installation process, one should not open their application immediately. The correct files for accessing the game haven’t been downloaded yet, so you’ll have to wait a bit before playing your favorite game.


  • Step 1. Download the OBB file (.zip format).
  • Step 2. Tap the downloaded file (which is in your phone storage or SD card).
  • Step 3. extractor rector unzips the zip file. After doing so, it will open all of the necessary supporting files. Now a separate folder is labeled with all of these products.
  • Step 4. Now save this folder in the internal storage area of your smartphone.
  • Step 5. After these several steps, you can open the app and utilize it.


Que: Are Bloons TB6 APK is free?
Ans: Yes, it is free software with unlimited options. You will geAPKsll APK completely free.

QueHow The Bloons TB6 APK android from
Ans: This is too simple – download this amazing app that makes schedules with your family, friends, or your grandmother using the app.

Que: What is the use of this APK?
Ans: This is one of the greatest apps obtainable for android.

Que: What is APK?
Ans: An APK means that an Android Application Package is a form of file package – or archive – used in the Android operating system. It’s targeted at creating, installing, and running Android applications (apps) for use on Android devices and certain smart TVs.

Que: Is this site safe to download this and other Apk files?
Ans: Yes, this site is safe to download other app files

Que: Is there any bug in-app the file?
Ans: No, there is no bug in the Apk file.

Que: What is MOD APK or MODED APK?
Ans: The term ‘MOD APK’ has become slang that refers to an APK that is modified and improved from the original version. It means you can download versions of applications with extra features or bonuses that are not available in the original Apk!

Que: What is OBB File?
Ans: An OBB file is a supporting file. It is a file that is mandatory to install with some APK files. Many games or utility app developers are using this OBB file as their data distribution format.

Conclusion of Bloons TB6 APK:

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