Chou Stun Skin Injector APK Download [New 2022] For Android

Today the trend of online (Chou Stun Skin Injector) war games have taken over young people all across the world, and Mobile Legend Bang Bang is one such highly played game. For example, if you play this game, you will find that at any given moment there are thousands of Pro opponents that face you in battle and you need strong/strongest gear and skill to be able to best them. This is why we developed the Chou Stun Skin Injector.

Detail Chou Stun Skin Injector Apk:

Chou Stun Skin Injector is an emerging Modification Android APK for mobile legends such as Chou stun Thunder Dragon Skin Mod. Did you know that this latest addition to the Old Chou stun skin injector comes packed with Mobile Legends Bang Bang Hack and Cheats Features? Well, it has more power and capabilities than the previous download link at the start of this description, which you are going to capture for free. Of course, if you want to get resources in ML for free, we commend these cheats.

The Chou Stun Skin Injector is always user-friendly for every chou stun game lover that means you do not need to struggle when using it. Is this tool important enough? As a beginner, I feel like it really helps in getting all of my favorite skins, ways to use your drones and also gives me access to the emotions skill. While it might appear unnecessary for some people, there are perks for checking out the tool and downloading it so I recommend you own one!

Available cheats of Chou Stun Skin Injector ML:

Top Skins list:

Here this new injector gives some top skins for you to show the real power in the game.

Unlock All Effects:

The most important and useful part of the tool effects. Hence, this category maintains all battle effects under one sheld.

  • Unlock Effect Recall
  • Effect Battle Kill
  • Unlock Battle Notifications
  • Unlock Effect Respawn

Backgrounds & Appearance:

In addition, you can further enhance the beauty of the game by changing the look and corners of the background in the battle

  • Change loading Screen
  • Map Magic Chess
  • Map Custom

How to download and Use the Chou Stun Skin Injector app?

Note, you have to know the previous version has a password but in this latest version developer has canceled the password, Thus it is free of the passwords.

  • Now allow it to install and open at the same time.
  • The app may be open at this time, so select skins and Cheats from the menu.
  • Now it’s time to download the free application from the above link.
  • Once you have selected the cheats, then use the selected item in the game and enjoy.
  • Once you see the download complete popup, it will be on your phone.
  • Remember, the download process may take a few seconds to complete.


Yes, the Chou Stun Skin Injector APK is a treat for all those into mobile games, with skins for fighting as well as for viewing drones and special emotes. If you are not willing to throw money into Monsuta’s account every once in a while, this app is definitely a must-have and we recommend checking it out sooner than later!

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