Fouad Whatsapp APK 18.50.00 Free Download

Fouad WhatsApp is a great alternative to other WhatsApp mods such as GBWhatsapp, Whatsapp PLUS, YoWhatsapp, and GBWhatsapp Transparent Prime. Fouad also has a modified version of these mods known as Fouad WhatsApp. The characteristics of each mod vary from person to person and that’s why they have their users.

Detail Fouad Whatsapp APK:

To ensure you have the most up-to-date version of the Fouad WhatsApp apk available, keep checking back regularly on the site to ensure you can start receiving the latest versions of Fouad Mokdad’s app.

You might be familiar with the term Fouad Mods if an everyday user or user of the Fouad WhatsApp app. The download link for the direct download will be within the middle section of the article.

Fouad Empire WhatsApp APK is based on YoWhatsapp. This means that you will see many Settings similar to YoWhatsapp. Additionally, it has a “With Emoji variant” and a ‘Without Emoji version.’ Based on your needs, you need to download the APK based on whether you want emojis or not!


It’s a modified version of the official Whatsapp app with extra features for users who want to add extra functionality. Some of these features include privacy mods, chat locks, customized themes, application locks, and more!
Fouad WhatsApp Apk is a great alternative to YoWhatsapp that comes with many great features like Emoji Variant and Without Emoji Variant. It will help you get more out of your messaging experience so that you don’t end up going back to the default app over and over again!
Because Fouad Whatsapp doesn’t work on certain Samsung smartphones, Fouad Mokdad developed his own iteration. Known as FMWhatsApp, it offers the same features as Fouad Whatsapp. As a mod of Fouad Whatsapp, it is compatible with Samsung devices.

Fouad Whatsapp Apk FEATURES:

  • The Fouad WhatsApp is the most simple and user-friendly WhatsApp modification, as it offers an array of four pages to provide an uncluttered experience.
  • This version of WhatsApp provides you with the Dark Mode. If you do not have a dark mode built-in feature in your smartphone, you can use this application.
  • Additionally, you can alter the entire front-end interface with this app.
  • It has more than 2000 themes total and 50+ font styles, and twenty blue tick designs that you can download from the application.
  • You can hide status visible as last seen, status seen, and blue ticks with incredibly precise settings.
  • Fouad WhatsApp APK is a 100 100% secure application that gives the option of locking chats with which you can secure and block chats using secure pins and passwords.
  • The themes in the app download themselves automatically as files.
  • It allows you to download the status of your contacts.
  • With this application, you can hide the tag you forward from your contact list as you forward any media or message to them.
  • You can revoke messages deleted by someone using Fouad WhatsApp APK.
  • It also comes with an option to hide media files to block videos and photos from the gallery and then save them in the application.
  • The speed and user interface in this app are superior to the first WhatsApp app.



Install The Fouad WhatsApp APK from the above download link.


Select the Apk file which you’ve saved. If they aren’t activated yet, it will prompt you to turn on the unknown sources via the settings. Enable it.


Following the installation of the WhatsApp app Fouad. Then, you must launch the app to create your account.


You must enter your cell phone’s number and verify it. You are following that it will prompt you to restore your backup up. Restore it. It may take some time, depending on the size of the backup.


Enter your name and click the following button. It’s that easy. You can open the Settings app and switch your styles and preferences.


This app is recommended to be used by users who find their current experience lacking. It has the latest changes and updates which improve your experience as a user. It’s just like Whatsapp in that it’s another messaging app used by people all over the world, and it’s also the same in that it does have some extra features added to benefit you as its user.

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