GB Whatsapp pro 18.40.0 Download Latest Version

GB WhatsApp pro is a fast, stable version of the original WhatsApp application. It can prove to be a favorite due to its features that may not be available on other versions. GB Whatsapp Pro Apk is the ideal version of Whatsapp for users around the world.

GB Whatsapp Pro is a modified independent messenger of the original Whatsapp application.

GB Whatsapp pro-Apk version:

Before we explain the Apk version, first it’s better for you to know what is MOD version?

GB Whatsapp Pro MOD is actually a modified version of the original app, but it’s not made by the original developers. One of the most popular third-party apps, MOD was created to increase user engagement.

These kinds of apps are not available on Google Playstore or App store. They can only be downloaded from a website.

What is GB Whatsapp pro Apk?

Just like the others, GB WhatsApp Pro Professional is a modified version of the original app. This builds on top of what was already said about modified applications before, as they tend to offer an array of additional features over and above the ones commonly found in regular versions.

Being aware of these differences can help you make better decisions about which version might be better for you in any given scenario.

For example, you might want to update your contacts list with images stored on a cloud service that’s linked to your account or it may be so that you’d rather be able to send longer messages without worrying about how much data you’ll use with each sent SMS or MMS since this won’t change depending on how many times you go over your monthly allowance for text messages.

Whatever styles or tweaks suit you and your business best are all possible via this app. Just think about it.

GB Whatsapp pro:

GB Whatsapp pro is an improved version and comes with a lot of advanced features like you can copy any status, hide the seen/unseen ticks, change the language or allow to send a large file to anyone.

It is a 3rd party app that can’t be found anywhere on the Google Play Store or Apple Store. It isn’t even in the Chrome Web Store (which is normally used to install apps that are not native to a browser but can interact with webpages) because it doesn’t meet Google’s criteria of being “suitable for the classroom.”

The way people are able to access it, however, is through third-party sources like Microsoft Virtual Academy or Code Canyon as well as through direct links. Because there are no “official” ways that Solidoodle is available, they must be downloaded from trusted sites and sources only!

Users like the modified version just because of its features.

Moreover, if you want to use a cracked or pirated version of an app like GB Whatsapp Pro, you still have to uninstall the product from your phone. However, unlike the aforementioned case regarding this particular application, which can be used in conjunction with a completely legal and free version of the platform on one device for two unique numbers for two different chats on WhatsApp.

What is GB Whatsapp pro?

People are eagerly awaiting an application that will help them share videos, images, and articles – even if it’s just simple things or a way to keep in touch with friends via social media. They want an app that’s easy to use, consistent across all platforms, and has clear design elements. They also want it to be free; they’ll most likely pass on any paid apps.

At this point, GB Whatsapp pro comes in. Because it has more features than the original Whatsapp application.

It is like the iPhone app because it works exactly like an app made for Android would. Every option in your control panel can be accessed and understood quickly so you can make the decisions you need to make with very little effort on your part.

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Features of GB Whatsapp pro:

The latest offering from the Gb Whatsapp Pro app features many handy updates. The following list has the details on how this application can be useful in day-to-day life.

So what’s going on let’s discuss them.

  1. Bugs fixed.
  2. ‘Last Online’ option.
  3. New Stickers added.
  4. New emojis added.
  5. Send large files easily.
  6. No text restriction in status.
  7. You can hide your last seen from private & group chats.
  8. Multi-languages.
  9. Change your Whatsapp theme.
  10. Lock your selected chats without any software.
  11. Ability to hide Whatsapp name.

How to install GB Whatsapp pro on Android Device?

You can download and install this application by first downloading it from our website onto your android device. As you already know, Google Play Store or Apple App store may not include applications like this!

Also, you have to give it permission from your device.

  1. Click on the link given above to download it.
  2. It will take only a few minutes to download.
  3. After downloading, go to the file manager.
  4. Find the GB Whatsapp and click on it.
  5. It will take you to the settings.
  6. Just enable the “Allow unknown resources”.
  7. Now install the file.
  8. You have successfully installed it on your device.
  9. Open it and enjoy it.


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Sometimes you want to share files but have trouble uploading them through Whatsapp. Now with Gb WhatsappPro, you don’t even need to attach or send a single file. Instead, like other apps, Gb Whatsapp Pro allows you to just select the files right off your phone and send them in one click.

Moreover, you can customize your Whatsapp the way you want. Select the theme you want for your Whatsapp. Send a lot of new stickers and emojis.

Some mods Apks are required to be installed on rooted devices, but the Gb Whatsapp Pro trick does not require you to root your phone.


What is GB Whatsapp pro apk ?

Is safe to use?

As you already know, GB Whatsapp pro is a third-party app. This post is just for educational purposes and we do not recommend anyone to use any kind of third-party app.

How to install GB Whatsapp pro?

The installation guide and the download links are mentioned above.

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