Free iZen Patcher APK Download Version 1.13 For Android

Do you face difficulties in the Mobile Legends game (iZen Patcher APK ), and are you lacking in the game due to a lack of modern elements & skills? If this is holding you back from doing well, then improve your performance with the help of this advanced patching tool called the “iZen Patcher”.

Not only is it not an extraordinary tool; it has all kinds of services that can further improve your game experience. The main benefit that it provides is an easy way to manage your game resources and perform multi-patch works on any app easily.

Free iZen Patcher APK:

iZen Patcher is a fantastic download for those who enjoy playing their favorite games without having to pay a purchase price. This download tool permits users the freedom to save and keep whichever rewards are desired from each game they play, as well as any other premium items that are offered through in-game purchases. Download this quality tool with an easy click of a button.

What is iZen Patcher APK?

Anyhow, one of its featured focuses is to let you install licensed maps, skins, and many other items in your game without being forced to buy any more premium currency than the initial amount you already purchased. In this regard, iZen Patcher excels at providing you with everything that belongs in the Monton store as well as making sure that every single map will work on any device belonging to the world of Roblox.

Therefore, iZen Patcher app offers you the freedom to download each item at no cost. Isn’t that reason enough for your approval?

iZen Patcher APK Download

As a current or future pro player, you need a tool to take you to the next level and become a master at your own game. iZen Patcher Injector is the kind of tool that will help bridge this gap. Not only does it work with Zolaxis injector software, but it comes highly rated by other players too!.

In reality, iZen Patcher will turn you into a guru player with more items and abilities. In my opinion, by now you must have realized the value & worth of this wonderful tool.

On the other hand, iZen Patcher is the number 1 tool in terms of safety level. A hundred percent secure. Make sure you use it in any virtual space.

There are two ways to approach this. The first way, which is the one that most people think of by default, better known as ”Hacker’s Way”, entails downloading a virtual space app for your device so you can use it on that virtual space. This way, you won’t be harmed and you’ll be able to conduct such hacking activities safely!

Features of iZen Patcher Injector:

If you’re looking for a reliable app for the MLBB (make-up, lips, blush and bare it all) game, check out this tool to make sure you’ve got as many colors and compartments within your make-up bag as possible.

ML Skins:

Izen Patcher is an app where one can acquire an extensive collection of free skins for Minecraft. We enable our users to maintain the fundamental aspect of this app as a flexible tool that enables our customers to accumulate a plentiful supply of software skin packs. In us, our users are always guaranteed exceptional support.

  • Fighter: Total heroes 30 and available skins are 110+
  • Assassin: similarly, 12 Heroes with 50 Skins.
  • Marksman: 18 Heroes with 12oSkins.
  • Tank: 18 Heroes and 65 Skins.
  • Mage: 21 Heroes and 80 Skins.
  • Support: Heroes 10 and skins are 30+

This is a summary of available skin and heroes. Apparently, these are huge quantities in a free manner. In the next update, you will get more items inside the application. Currently, this is the full detail of the skins and heroes that are accessible to you in the game.:

Anime Skins:

There are dozens of Anime skins available on the Market Place that you can customize and change other than paying and there is also a video in ABC file protected with it.

  • Ling, Chou
  • Fanny skin.
  • And many more MLBB Skins available for ABC File.
  • Guinevere, Gussion
  • Sun, WanWan

Backgrounds & other appearance:

The whole beauty of the Memory game relies on the background. In fact, not only can you play it anywhere, but you can change how it looks and what the patterns of different cards look like by customizing them yourself rather than needing to buy another game that comes with a new set of patterns already inserted into their respective holes!

  • First Loading
  • Custom MLLB Intro
  • Lobby, Profile
  • Evos, RRQ
  • Geek Fam
  • ML BG Music

Rank Booster:

Features of the special rank boosters are increasing the value of this tool in the market as compared to other mobile legends tools.

  • Top Global
  • Auto Mythic
  • Ultra Graphic Mode
  • Enemy Lag

Besides the rank boosters, 1x to 10x Drone views cameras make the application more valuable.

Fix MLBB Bugs:

Izen Patcher has the solution to the gaming bugs. Therefore, ready to fix any of the bugs in a second.

  • Black Screen
  • Stuck in Loading
  • Pink Hero
  • Pink Map
  • Map
  • Hero No Icon
  • Phone Lag

Battle Effects:

Fast working Battle Effects are also available to use.

  • Recalls
  • Spawn
  • Elimination


Simply put, izen patcher is an injector application for Mobile legends Bang bang. This tool allows you to enjoy all the latest hacks and cheats for the game whenever you want. It has given access to a lot of changes which help in making it a fun-filled game. Our goal is to make this tool available to more people by sharing its apk file with friends, families, and anyone who wants to have some new level of fun in the game.

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