Plague Inc MOD APK 1.18.7 (All Unlocked) for Android

Plague Inc MOD APK 1.18.7 – A real game that allows you to create a virus aimed at destroying all humanity and the human intellect! Use cunning strategy to spread infection and become The Plague! Evolve Deadly Diseases and Travel the Planet on a mission to kill every last Human.

Detail Plague Inc MOD APK:

The pathogen that causes the user to enter the digital world and infects Patient Zero, who starts by undermining civilization. Plague Inc., this powerful game offers you a chance to be evil! This is a rare opportunity; however, in the world of gaming to fulfill your desire to dominate the world.

You play as an alien virus that must first make its way into human populations – from the humble beginnings slowly expanding throughout your entire home planet and ultimately destroying all humans from the earth – an unquestionable superpower for dominating time in full control totally on their terms.

Plague Inc. Mod Apk

The gameplay of Plague Inc MOD APK:

The designers of “Plaid Inc.” (Nedimik Creations) designed the game in such a way that the player would have an opportunity to run around inside the Destroyer System and synthesize a powerful pathogen that neither human nor artificial intelligence could develop a cure for. The pathogen thus created was intended to infect “patient zero”. The main objective of the game is your ability to think tactically while dealing with catastrophic real-world scenarios and use their situations as a means toward resolving humanity’s role in world affairs once and for all.


Plague Inc MOD APK features:
  • This game will take you to the ultra-real future with strong opposing forces that include an artificial intelligence tasked with thwarting the plans of an evil corporation hellbent on destroying humanity.
  • Stunning HD graphics and simple yet realistic gameplay make every gamer suffer!
  • The game has 12 different types of diseases that players can use for their plans using 12 different strategies.
  • There are more than 50 countries in the digital World of Warcraft that you can infect with your deadly spells and tricks to drive humanity from the face of this earth.
  • The game contains additional viruses as enemies which have negative effects like physical or mental deterioration, not just allowing you to upgrade the health of your microbes but also triggering various other mutations that can be used for offensive purposes.
What else is in paste ink mode?

You might think that the game is already very popular and it’s a must-have on everyone’s device. Whether the mode can offer a version tempting me to download Plague Inc. instead of going through the Google LT-Google Play Store? Well, there is an even more exhaustive version now! Those who are satisfied with the original version do not lose out on the great benefits offered by modern, improved Plague Inc.

The latest version of the game comes equipped with unlocked everything, so you’re no longer required to wait for certain levels to unlock your super weaponry. You can get your hands on some serious deviousness right at the beginning of the game!

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