True Skate MOD APK 1.5.50 (Unlimited Money) for Android

Installing a True Skate mod APK (Unlimited Money) from APKMODY can help you save money on skateboards.

Introduce True Skate mod APK

Skateboarding is a hugely popular street sport. If you take a stroll down the street or through the park, for example, it won’t take long to spot some skaters. This is an active extreme sports activity that’s not just for kids adults may enjoy it as well too. You can skateboard anywhere and everywhere, but to play, you’ll need a skateboard, safety equipment including helmets and pads – so they don’t get injured while playing, and finally, enough space around them where they can ride like the wind without getting hurt or causing property damage.

The best skateboarding simulation game:

True Skate for mobile devices is one of the best games to play when you’re out and about, you can win and advance your way through all the ranks from newbie to pro, it’s a great game so try it out. You need better equipment to be able to progress quickly like better skateboards, trucks, and bearings for example.

True Skate is bursting with some really impressive visuals. And from what we can tell, the graphics don’t just look great – they make you feel like you’re out there surfing for gold! The gameplay is pretty awesome too, giving players a realistic sense of ups and downs as well as providing just the right amount of challenge.

true skate mod apk

Controller of True Skate mod APK

Unlike skateboarding games that you typically find on the app store, what you can control here is a skateboard instead of an athlete. With your thumb, you control a virtual skateboard as you try to keep it from falling over onto its side by maneuvering it with two fingers placed together. Swipe forward and the object will move forward across the blue gridded surface. As for commands such as kickflip or backside, these are possible as well if done correctly as long as you have some proficiency in skateboarding.

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Many types of terrain

The dream of about every Skateboarder is to conquer dangerous positions like railings or stairs. True Skate is a large expansive park full of all the stuff you can imagine. My opinion is that we should start with the flat, smaller spots before challenging in the more technical areas of a professional player.

True Skate offers a lot of options! There are many places to navigate, such as exploring and learning new skateboarding ways. You can also create tournaments with your friends. This way it’s possible to discuss who is the best skater among you.

Unlock new skateboards

True Skate offers a variety of skateboards for all types of players. An aspect that adds even more value is the diversity it offers or the possibility to unlock new levels within each sport which allows a player to learn the game piece by piece and gain even more skills with each passing level.

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Unlock new skateboards

Unlimited Money: As you play our True Skate mod APK, you can access unlimited amounts of money that can easily be used to unlock and upgrade skis, and buy new skateboarding courses, … The client is free. With us, you can forget about spending hundreds of dollars on this game forever. It’s convenient because you don’t have to spend additional money or simply wait for a long period (only a few minutes) for this kind of opportunity.

Download True Skate MOD APK for Android

True Skate is a great skating game for android and IOS devices. This game will allow you to feel what it’s like to be a skateboarder. You can purchase the full version of this game by paying USD 1.99, but, you can download True Skate at no cost when downloading through APKSQUARD.

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