WPS Office Apk 15.5 Free Download Latest Version For Android

Microsoft Office (WPS Office Apk) is the need of the day. It’s used everywhere for everything, whether it would be at work or you’re in school, creating documents, or just taking notes, these office-related programs are useful to keep things organized. When you’re out and about and don’t have access to your laptop, it can be such a pain trying to type on your mobile phone. So, let us introduce you to WPS Office APK – a free office app that serves as a great alternative that can save you time when out and about.

Detail WPS Office Apk:

WPS Office Apk is a premier means of creating documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. It combines all of the functions one needs to create such content on both mobile and laptop devices. WPS Office Apk makes it easier to work from any location – whether at home or on the go – whenever inspiration may strike you! Users will have no struggle keeping up with their important files after downloading this useful document software for Windows and Android phones.

More about word processing software WPS Office Apk:

Bring your document, presentation, spreadsheet, and PDF-creation tools with you. These five programs help it to rival the functionality of Microsoft Office products. Save your essential files in the cloud, where OneDrive provides 1 GB of free storage – plenty for most uses. And also because it allows for storing spreadsheets, Word documents, and PDFs, you can use it for projects related to any or all of these formats. It’s small enough that even older devices can use it well without freezing or crashing issues interfering with its use.
Being the lightest of all programs, it has the biggest storage than others. The tools are in the same place as MS Office and users do not need to search for them. Although it is free to use, some types of features display advertisements.
In one application you get all sorts of features. For me, I love that it is so easy to convert PDF files to Word format. All my assignments are in PDF format which makes getting all my assignments done so much easier. Also, the fact that I can edit them and add bookmarks comes in handy. Now I can easily create a brand new PowerPoint presentation by customizing different layouts and animations. The presentation view has drawing tools for great-looking slides with effects, animations, and even smart art!

Features and strengths Of  WPS Office Apk :

WPS Cloud:

A professional 1GB storage service with the capability of storing, sharing, and accessing files in a desktop environment. This convenient tool allows users to keep important information in one place without misplacing them or forgetting where they are located on a computer. It is also possible to access the same files across different devices and even edit them at will!

Drag and Drop Tool:

WPS Office’s innovative Paragraph Text Layout feature has two special ways of aligning your paragraphs. You can easily change the spacing and line up text. Click “Format > Paragraph Text Layout” to see two special layout settings: Alignment, which aligns the paragraph horizontally, and Spacing, which affects the amount of empty space that follows your text. Just move the mouse around over different parts of the settings to try them out!

Free Templates:

The Office offers many free templates for you to use with its vast library of other helpful software. The next time you need to open word, try using a template from this expansive library and it will help simplify the creation process without having to think too hard about what to do!

Section Navigation:

The section navigation tool makes it easy to switch and edit sections. Quickly access covers, content pages, header, and footer, or split sections and delete sections.

Multiple Document Cards:

You don’t need to switch tasks in-between document windows. You can use our Tab Bar feature to visually jump between all of your open documents, just like you would when browsing the web. This makes editing text as easy and seamless as having your browser window open.

How to Install WPS Office Apk on PC (Windows and Mac OS)

Here are the two methods to install WPS Office on PC:

  1. Install WPS Office on PC using BlueStacks App Player
  2. Install WPS Office on PC using Nox App Player

1. Install WPS Office Apk on PC using BlueStacks:

BlueStacks is an Android app player, which allows you to run Android apps on a PC. Run any application such as Facebook or WhatsApp directly on your desktop using BlueStacks:

  1. To get started, install BlueStacks on your PC
  2. After installing Bluestacks, double-click its icon from the desktop to launch it
  3. Once BlueStacks is launched, you need to log into your Google account from Bluestacks
  4. Click the “My Applications” button in the emulator
  5. Search: WPS Office
  6. You will see the search result for the WPS Office application, install it, here find the application whose developer is listed as Kingsoft Office Software Corporation Limited

2. Install WPS Office Apk on PC with Nox Player:

Nox is one of the most popular Android emulators available! It’s a powerful tool to use in order to get things done while on the go. Here is an easy-to-follow guide on how to download Nox and start using it to work on your WPS Office documents. The steps are as follows:

  1. Check out this tutorial to install Nox Player on PC
  2. It is an Android emulator. After installation, run Nox Player on PC and log in to your Google account
  3. Search by cards and search: WPS Office
  4. Install WPS Office on your Nox Player
  5. Once the installation is complete, you will be able to run WPS Office on your PC


Users can work on a variety of files, including presentations, documents, PDFs, and spreadsheets. They can also scan any document with the app into their device as an image or into a PDF file for editing or saving. They can print these files using wireless connectivity and share them through social networks and messaging apps using the cloud connection. By now this app has been installed on over 100 million devices worldwide.

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