YomaSu Patcher [Latest v1.9] Download Free For Android

YomaSu Patcher is an app that will help you to install any ROM or mod on your Android device. The app has a very easy and intuitive interface that anyone can use, and the best part is that it’s free! This means that you don’t have to be tech-savvy in order to get all of the features offered by this patcher. YomaSu Patcher also doesn’t require root access, so there are no complicated steps involved with installing this app.

YomaSu Patcher Detail:

The game is getting more challenging by the day, but you can keep yourself safe with YomaSu Patcher. This app will help protect your wallet from any bad patches or glitches that could arise in-game and give hackers an easy target for their schemes!

YomaSu Patcher is a free, trusted tool that can help you strip away all of the annoying ads from your favorite apps. If this sounds like something for which you’re looking then keep reading!
We’ve got everything there’s to know about it right here in our review section below – so check out what people are saying first before downloading anything yourself 🙂

What is Yomasu Patcher?

YomaSu patcher APK is a third-party Android application that can be used for hacking on Mobile legends. As we all know it’s not an official software, but the best of its kind; designed to give you premium injection hacks like Skins and other stupendous features! All skins are totally fresh which act as your shield while playing the bang-bang games by injecting them straight into your device with ease using the Yomassu Injector app available across different platforms such as PC/Mac etc.

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ML Skins:

The YomaSu Patcher Injector APK provides 50+ skins according to the different Heros,

Emotes/ Battle Effects:

There are a high quantity of emotes and battle effects which you can easily unlock according to the battlefield situations.

  • smile killer, Art of ice, Feeling Energetic, Hello, File Master, Merry Christmas, Netflix Aerowolf, Alter Ego, Bigetron, Evos Legends, One Esports, RRQ Hoshi, RRQ Lemon, LoL, and many more.


  • Available here, Kufra, Franco, Johson, Grock, Roger, Alucard, Chou, Zilong, Gusion, Fanny, Helcurt, Selena, Esmeralda, Vale, Cellion, Angela, Claude, Granger, Wanwan, Hanabi, Altas, Estes, Kaja, Guinevere, and more.

MLBB Maps:

Maps are not available yet probably in the future they will be marched in the YomaSu Patcher APK,

Fix the Bugs via this App :

You can fix some bugs issues through the YomaSu Patcher application which is as follow.

  • Random Hero Icon.
  • Missing Hero Icon.
  • Stuck on MLBB loading Screen.
  • MLBB Black Screen.
  • Other Bugs.

Top Features of YomaSu Patcher Injector:

  • The app gives you a very simple interface to work well.
  • Get free-of-cost skins and battle emotes for your game.
  • 50 + latest skins are available for the different types of heroes.
  • You can fix all the gaming appear bix in just a single click.
  • The version of the tool is newly updated.
  • It works with android 5 and 5+ devices.
  • No need to put any passwords or create an account.
  • And many more which you will see in the app.

How to download and use YomaSu Patcher?

The application is kept in the foam of download link, which you have to download. Nextly, Go to your phone’s settings and on the Unknown Sources option if it isn’t already selected there; smoothly navigate through downloading without any issues whatsoever- this can take up some time but don’t worry because once complete we need only open our newly obtained app from somewhere safe within Google Play Store (or Apple App Store). Entering information about yourself when requested will allow us to access all features available inside ML Gaming Application including hacks for newer games like Pokémon GO!


The majority of players are deprived of MLBB premium skins and other features because they can’t buy them. However, you don’t need this problem anymore! With just a single tap on your phone screen, all that is needed for free access to anything in-game will be at hand – without any additional costs whatsoever.

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