YouTube Pink APK 16.36.34 2022 Latest Free Download

Have you ever wanted to download YouTube Pink Apkon your android device? If so, now you can, thanks to this blog post. However, we can’t promise that it will be easy (we’re going, to be honest with you), but we do guarantee that with the help of this article you’ll have YouTube Pink in your pocket within minutes.

Detail YouTube Pink APK:

New YouTube app updates include a background music feature for videos, which will allow you to play your favorite music videos while still being able to watch another video in the foreground – great if you enjoy multitasking or need some background noise! Another change comes by way of the “YouTube Pink Apk” update which has altered colors used in different parts of the app according to certain conditions like time and location.

However, it is not meant for everyone as it does take away from some functionality (namely: watching comments). But if you’re someone who spends hours on end on YouTube each day, this new color scheme makes the experience just a little more cozy and pleasant – you’ll never have to squint your eyes again!


YouTube Pink APK was a video-sharing app released by YouTube on October 16, 2017. It offered users an ad-free experience and some extras that were only available in the Pink app rather than the regular YouTube app (namely, you could search up trivia questions). Unfortunately, it was quickly removed shortly after its release due to copyright infringement claims by major movie and television companies. Though if you already had it prior to its removal you can still download it through that direct link as long as Google doesn’t disable the installation of unauthorized apps.


It is a well-known fact that YouTube has many features to improve your browsing time with the app while you watch videos. One of their newest additions happens to be a cute pink theme for Android users! This blog post will tell you what this new feature did when released and how to get it on your phone. Read on for more information!

  1. YouTube Pink APK is a new app for Android
  2. It was designed to make watching videos on the go more accessible than ever before
  3. The app allows users to watch their favorite videos offline and download them for viewing later
  4. It also includes parental controls for parents who want to keep their children from seeing certain content
  5. Users can share with friends easily through social media or texting with one tap of a button
  6. The app has been downloaded by over 10 million people around the world!
  7. YouTube Pink APK is a free app for Android devices
  8. With this app, you can watch live events and videos from your favorite YouTubers
  9. The most popular video on the app is “What’s in my makeup bag?” by Kandee Johnson
  10. This free app also features a built-in camera that lets you record and share videos with your friends
  11. To use all of these features, you have to download the YouTube Pink APK onto your device
  12. Downloading this app will not affect any other apps or files on your phone because it was designed with safety in mind


Today, I’m going to teach you how to install YouTube Pink Apk. This application is a modified version of the original YouTube application (an app that comes preinstalled on most devices these days), and it has some great features you might want to try out if you haven’t heard about it previously. We’ll go through all the steps so you can get started as soon as possible.

  1. Download YouTube Pink APK
  2. Enable “Unknown Sources” in the settings menu of your device
  3. Install the downloaded file by opening it from within your download folder or navigating to it using a file browser if you are unable to open it from within the app store
  4. Press “Install” on the dialog box that appears and wait for the installation to complete
  5. Open YouTube and enjoy!
  6. To uninstall, navigate back to where you installed YouTube Pink APK and press “Uninstall.”


A new YouTube Pink Apk for Android has been released. It’s called Pink, and it features several more exciting features that will make your video-watching experience even more enjoyable. Some key features include the capability to watch videos in either vertical or horizontal mode while also being able to switch between audio channels within a video without having to leave the screen you are on.

You can also choose how many corresponding suggestions show up at once with simple taps on one button! If this sounds like something, you want to try out now, head over here for step-by-step instructions on installing Pink onto your device. These tips should work regardless of what type of phone you have – whether an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. So what feature is most interesting?

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