Zombie Tsunami MOD APK 4.5.102 (Unlimited Gold) for Android

Download Zombie Tsunami Mod APK (Unlimited Money/Gold/Diamonds) to make your way through the game a lot easier when it comes down to gaining resources and upgrading what you have. Thanks to the mod, unlocking eggs becomes simple as does upgrading any zombie.

Introduce Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk:

Today, I will re-introduce you to Zombie Tsunami, an “old but gold” mobile game. It first launched quite some time ago and has become a monument and an indispensable mobile game of today.

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Zombie games often focus on survival before a catastrophe and zombie attack: requiring the player to flee, build a base, or even find and “kill” entire zombies. However, there is never much attention credited to how the zombies feel about surviving their portion of this social drama that is undead society at large. Mobigame S.A.R.L., a publisher with several popular zombie games on the market has taken it upon themselves to release Zombie Tsunami to focus on what it’s like for a zombie to live daily life as a member of the living dead among other members of the undead who are most certainly dead.

Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk Dashboard

Rule of Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk:

When you play this game, your objective is to lead the zombie troops and conquer human areas. You start with only 1 zombie but you can get more if you have enough money. If you upgrade to have 2-5 zombies at the start of a round, it will be a lot easier for your army to defeat the enemy troops and occupy their territory.

Just like Subway Surfers, Zombie Tsunami is an endless running game. This means that you run until the end of the game by dodging obstacles or falling into holes on the ground by tapping on them. It sounds easy enough, but if you happen to fall into a hole, it can be rather difficult to avoid zombies that are in your path and end up tossing your entire army of undead over their shoulders and onto the ground with just one wrong move.

How to get more zombies on Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk:

The easiest way to kill a lot of zombies is to run them over. However, if you’re out of fuel and the walking dead are screaming toward you, try crushing them with something such as a heavy vehicle or a steamroller! The more zombies the means you can eat! Try using cars, trucks, or buses as they will be able to take down more zombies per bite but make sure you have enough diesel in your tank so that even if the horde is endless, your meal won’t be:

  • Tank: Need 12 zombies, you can earn 3 brains.
  • Car: Need 4 zombies, you can earn 1 brain.
  • Bus: Need 8 zombies, you can earn 2 brains.
  • Dustbin: Need 2 zombies, you can earn a brain or gold coins.
  • Airplane: Need 16 zombies, you can earn 4 brains.

Skills of Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk:

You can use the skills in a short time interval, they help you to live and destroy the vehicle.

  • GiantZ: When a zombie is zombified, it grows in size, getting even more destructive. Improve its lasers to fire multiple rays with greater damage.
  • Ninja: The zombies in your village become ninjas, who are armed with katanas. After you have clicked on the screen twice, you can control them jumping by double-clicking anywhere.
  • Gold: Zombies turn into gold coins along with the ability to turn everything into gold coins to collect. However, they are still susceptible to falling down holes.
  • Quarterback: Zombies are immune to all dangers, but like Gold, they are afraid of deep holes.
  • Tsunami: A useful skill. Zombies summon a powerful tsunami and ride on it, destroying everything in its path. Press down on the screen continuously to keep the tsunami as high as possible, damaging any enemies and buildings in its way.
  • Dragon: The dragon is capable of flying for some time. Press to continuously create the jump and hold to ascend in the air and then release to descend. At the first level, the dragon is still hurt if you hit the bomb but you can upgrade to fix it.
  • Balloon: Help your zombies fly hovering over the highways, avoiding vehicles or deep pits under the road.
  • U.F.O: Constantly increase the number of zombies for you.
  • There are also two other additions:
    • Mecha: is a robot with a saw blade on the arm, cutting everything along the way.
    • riders: Skill requires a high level to unlock. Zombies will ride the race car and can jump out of the hole if they fall in. When you upgrade, they become invincible.

    Unlock your pets

Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk

As a bonus, besides fighting with zombies to clear the stages successfully, you can raise pets. They will help you earn more gold or pick up more people for you because Pets are divided into levels ranging from Normal to Legendary.

Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk version 4.5.102:

MOD feature

Unlimited Gold/Diamonds: You have a lot of gold and diamonds when you open the game.

Why should you use the Zombie Tsunami MOD APK version?

Of course, we want our players to unlock unique costumes and pets! Thankfully developers want you to enjoy the game so much that they made it possible for you to unlock almost everything right off the bat. To do this, just download one of the special MOD APK versions of the game.

Download Zombie Tsunami MOD APK for Android now:

Currently, Zombie Tsunami has more than 300 missions for you to complete. These tasks are quite interesting, such as shaking equipment when there is an earthquake. The gameplay is not too simple or complicated and it will make you happy and won’t stress you out. The graphics are very straightforward, with no real need for a complicated design because most people will be able to use them with any device available which makes it easy to download without worrying about the configuration of your smartphone.

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